Monday 29 October 2007

Gondoliers Finale

It's all over - thank **** for that.

It turned out very nicely for most of the cast. The director did not fare so well. He has spent the last seven weeks converting an enthusiastic and supportive amateur cast to one that wouldn't even clap when he came on stage to take his closing night bow.

This was quite vindicating. Hearing of his tantrum (in front of several cast members who were about to go back on stage) about the orchestra performing a completely traditional act of minor rebellion - adding a cheeky bar of music where it wouldn't hurt anyone - confirmed my gradually evolving opinion of our "professional" director.

I expect this story will run and run. For now I must sleep, as I'm back in real life again and have to work to earn a crust.

Perhaps I'll be summoned to be the next King of Barataria and I won't need to bother any more.

Please note: Opinions expressed in this blog DO NOT represent those of the Operatic Society that put on the show.

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