Saturday 1 May 2010

Another Painting

This time, from the north east corner of Ploscha Rynok, looking down towards the Dominican Church.

I had a brief chat with another artist, who's been painting around the square for many years. The chat was brief in no small part because of the limits of not speaking the same language. He showed me a press clipping of him painting in the square.

It's fun painting in such a busy place. Makes you feel like part of the action. Lots of people came up and had a look at the painting and several stopped to talk.

Batyar Day (Rascal Day)

Today is the day they celebrate “Batyarstvo” (an idle and debauched style of life) in L’viv.

Bunch of Batyars

A selection of smartly dressed rascals getting up to mischief and occasionally being reprimanded by the police.

Baytar in trouble with the law

Ploscha Rynok is heaving with people today, there’s live music, dancing and some deeply debaucherous foodstuffs.

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Beautiful L'viv

I’ve been living and working in L’viv (a spectacular Medieval city near the west border of Ukraine) for a couple of weeks now.

I’m trying to learn a bit of the language, but it’s fairly hard getting your message across. Very few people who went to school during the Soviet era learnt English, because the chances of travelling anywhere where it was spoken were very slim.

Only people who have been in education in the last 20 years are likely to have picked up any English, so at the moment, the cut-off age is early-thirties.

Last weekend, I managed to find an art supplies shop thanks to some helpful ladies in a local art gallery. So I set to work sketching and painting one of the views from my balcony onto Ploscha Rynok (Market Square).

Hopefully the weather will be as good this weekend, so I can get out and paint somewhere else.

Tuesday 9 February 2010

Fedora 12 RPM Fusion Smart Channels

I still prefer the usability of Smart Package Manager over Fedora's default package management programs, so here are my Fedora 12 RPM Fusion channels for Smart Package Manager.