Sunday 2 October 2005

It Begins

Well, the start of October seems like the right time to start a proper blog. A bit late for the term-start, but it's been a fair few years since I had a decent length summer holiday anyway.

I've had a news/diary section on for a while, but I just never quite got around to updating it. Hopefully being able to edit on line will help.

What's this all going to be about then? Current projects include...

  • Ruby-on-rails (web framework behind this site)
  • MythTV (Linux based PVR)
  • Extreme Programming
  • Sorting out home bandwidth contention with a Linux firewall
  • Getting my loft converted
  • Writing and recording some music

So, glad you could make the grand opening. Hang around for a while, and help yourself to a cocktail and some canapés.

God bless this blog and all who sail in her!

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